About Us


A Digital Talents Management Company

Vision: We strive to be at the forefront of the modeling industry by launching the careers of our talents, on a global level.

Mission: To use the diversity from our multicultural city of Miami to scout, manage talent, and help further careers.

Values: Empowerment, Honor, Integrity

Keenyah Hill

I started a partnership with Once Models because I love teaching, and advocating for up-and-coming models.

Early in my career I was accepted onto America’s Next Top Model, where I learned how to pose from Tyra Banks. Those few months with her were a master class in posing, lighting, working a room, and presence. But after the show ended and I moved to New York, I was surprised to find I couldn’t use my Top Model portfolio. It simply wouldn’t translate into getting modeling work “in the real world.” I had to reassess, get test shoots done, and build a book for my market.

This is when I discovered how to find your market as a model, build a comp card, find the right agent and photographer, and everything else needed to start a modeling career. I found my market was commercial beauty. Since then, I have worked in every fashion week around the world, from Paris, Milan, and London to New York and Miami. I want to pass what I’ve learned from these experiences onto others to support them in their journey. I hope you’ll join me.